Aqua Compressor Automatics

To travel, to explore, there is only so far you can go on our British island before you hit water. The Aqua Compressor collection has been in design and engineering development for 18 months, evolved from the principles of the original Super-Compressor case design, now completely rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the ultimate compact dive tool watch, combining function with aesthetic. 

Leven Titanium

Titanium Series Aqua Compressor automatic watch with silver sunray dial and natural rubber strap

The Leven Titanium's super-smooth silver sunray dial, 300m water-resistance and lightweight Titanium grade II compressor case combine to give the watch a practical elegance.

Hecla Titanium

Titanium Series Aqua Compressor automatic watch with deep blue engraved dial and natural rubber strap

The Hecla Titanium's deep blue central dial with Super-LumiNova halo, 300m water-resistance and lightweight Titanium grade II compressor case, create a high-functioning watch even in the lowest light conditions.

Endeavour Titanium

Titanium Series Aqua Compressor DLC automatic watch with matte black dial and natural rubber strap

The Endeavour Titanium is designed for function, with its light-absorbing matte black dial, tough Titanium grade II compressor case in special finish DLC and 300m water-resistance.




As a diver, clarity and accuracy is paramount. Each Aqua Compressor dive watch has a series of high contrast colours and Super LumiNova detailing to showcase the core information.

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The three different dial designs of the Aqua Compressor collection have been intricately developed to put clarity at the forefront to deliver a set of highly functional tool watches. While the different detailing of the collection from floating dials and raised markers to engraving and overprinting techniques all come together to create intricate dials with elegance. All supported by a bolder take on the classic Farer syringe hands, the Farer oversized dive hands in polished steel have a prominent split minute hand marking for quick identification of dive time.


Designed for function, the Aqua Compressors feature Super-LumiNova for maximum afterglow and a flawless finish quality, creating high-clarity dial views even in the lowest light conditions. It works like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery and afterwards the light is continuously emitted. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any ageing. It is chargeable with sunlight or artificial light. Mixed with a suitable specific binder, Swiss Super-LumiNova is applied on all Aqua Compressor dials and hands.


Each Farer Aqua Compressor is supplied with two straps. Firstly, a black natural rubber thick-edged strap with a secure oversized tool buckle, featuring the Farer ‘A’ and wave pattern inner grip detailing. Secondly, a 316L stainless steel tapered bracelet with two-way clasp and safety locking mechanism + in-built extension allowing it to be worn comfortably over a wetsuit. The bracelet has been detailed with a brushed finish on the surface against subtle, highly polished sides with the Farer ‘A’ on the clasp – fully adjustable by link extraction or addition.

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The sealing of the front crystal, back crystal, screw back case and twin crowns all utilise the compression principle: as the water pressure on the outside of the case increases, gaskets built around these areas are naturally compressed so that the case becomes more water resistant the deeper you dive. The water resistance when the crowns are unscrewed for adjustment is 100m / 330ft. By screwing down the crowns, an additional flat gasket is compressed within the tubes, securing the water resistance of the case up to the full 300m / 1000ft.


The twin crowns are screw-down, spring-back release with their own gaskets, allowing the watch to be taken to depths of 300m / 1000ft. The signature Farer solid bronze crown allows you to adjust the time and features the Farer ‘A’ carved out of a squared texture for feel. The stainless steel crown allows you to adjust the internal dive time bezel, with the classic Super-Compressor hatching detail for feel. Screwing the crowns down secures the water resistance of the case up to the full 300m / 1000ft and related water pressures.


The unidirectional internal bezel is for the measurement of dive time, moving by increments of one minute. The bezel utilises a precision ratchet safety system which disconnects the feed from crown to bezel by only turning it anti-clockwise, preventing the bezel turning clockwise and increasing the diving time. To adjust the diving time, unscrew the crown anti-clockwise until off the threads, then turn clockwise until the bezel is in the set position opposite the minute hand.

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The Farer Aqua Compressor collection is powered by the Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 Elaboré Non-Date Movement. This is a rare piece from ETA, in that it features no date within the mechanics to make this 100% functional for the diver’s needs. A highly reliable, workhorse movement, adjusted in three positions with omegametric timing for chronometers, average rate of +/−12 seconds/day.


Not ones to hide anything away, we believe quality movements should be seen and appreciated. We have developed a screw down back case to hold the flat sapphire crystal exhibition glass, both utilising compressor gaskets to secure the water resistance and withstand the high pressures to 300m/1000ft. Each watch is individually numbered around the exhibition glass, making your watch unique to you. From your birth date to your lucky number, select your favourite number before it’s gone.


Turning over the Aqua Compressor case you’ll see the bespoke ETA rotor has been detailed in a raised bronze overprinting technique with the Farer submersible three wave design and lettering. As an Elaboré ETA movement it has been finished with snailing (or as the French say more eloquently ‘Perlage’), a round fine detailed decoration on the metal to beautifully catch the light. Powering a 38 hour power reserve when the movement is fully wounded.

Some watch firms punch way above their weight. The UK independent, Farer, is definitely one of them. You won’t see Farer in the posh boutiques; they prefer to sell directly. There are no swanky catalogs either, just a clear, efficient website. Yet the firm is quietly getting on with making watches that are often different and always striking.
On Thursday night, I was able to attend an event hosted by Worn And Wound with Farer as their guest at the New York City Filson Flagship Store. The watch brand, known for their colourful aesthetic and robust offerings, has not travelled to the States in some time. So this was the perfect opportunity to see their recent releases.
I love monopushers. There, I’ve said it, my dirty little secret is out. I’m well aware that they’re intrinsically not as useful as the kind of dual pusher fare we’re all more familiar with; the inability to stop and start without resetting limits their uses slightly.
Pride is not an emotion I often overplay when it comes to my Britishness, but last week while dipping in and out of appointments around Switzerland’s prettiest city for Geneva Watch Days I was brimming with the stuff – emanating predominately from my left wrist.
Every time I encounter a new Farer, I’m looking forward to a double delight. This brand specialises in juxtaposing a very British sense of elegance with an unreserved flourish of colour.