Farer is created for
today’s free-spirited
modern adventurers

At Farer, we are passionate about creating watches that make the perfect companion for life’s adventures.

Our original collection of watches is named after iconic British explorers, inspiring individuals who perfectly define the true spirit of Farer: daring, courageous and filled with ambition beyond the ordinary. From Amy Johnson – Britain’s most famous female aviatrix – to Everest climber, George Mallory and Tutankhamun archaeologist Howard Carter.

With the arrival of the Automatics, we have taken inspiration from the famous vessels that carried Britain’s most brilliant explorers around the globe. Our first three Automatics are named Beagle, Endurance and Hopewell


Farer watches are designed and built to last a lifetime.

We meticulously draw every detail of our watches in London, before working with our Swiss manufacturing partners, Roventa-Henex, who use the very best materials to handcraft each and every watch. The expertise of our production is reflected in the accuracy of the measurements, the rigour of testing and the flawless attention to detail at every stage.

We work closely with Roventa-Henex throughout the design and manufacturing stages, marrying decades of watchmaking heritage with our modern design approach. The combination of British design and Swiss watchmaking results in watch design and build quality like nothing else on the market.


Our watches are inspired by the halcyon era of Swiss watchmaking, when bold colours and contrasting textures were combined with the best craftsmanship. We have always strived to make the finest quality watches – that’s why we only use Swiss-made movements, sapphire crystal glass, the best metals and Barenia bridle leather straps across the entire Automatics collection.

Curved vintage-inspired dials and hands complement the classic domed crystal to give Farer watches a refined ‘second look’ in detail. Our signature Farer arrow marque can be seen on the second hand and cast into the bronze crown, which will age and patinate over time.