“The beauty of Farer lies in the fact that they are very different from other watches on the market today.”


“A unique look that is at once exotic and bold, like some of the rarer Universal Genèves and Gallets.”



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Off the Cuff: Farer AquaMatic Nazaré

Every time I try to cull my sprawling assemblage of timepieces—sell, flip, consolidate—in the hopes of achieving that mythical perfect three, five…twelve-watch collection, I am stymied by something like the Farer AquaMatic. In some respects, it’s a watch that defies categorisation. Sure, it’s a diver. But it’s also like having a little bit summer on your wrist... Like candy, the Farer AquaMatics are hedonic little offerings that challenge you to stop at just one.

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Farer 'Nuff - a look at the Stanhope II

The Stanhope II stood out a mile for me. Farer may not (yet) be a household name, even within the ever increasing watch world, but as far as quality microbrands go, their watches are a fitting alternative to mass-produced offerings from the bigger names in town, and with an impressive 5 year warranty too, that's an excellent, all-round package.

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Why FARER is the King of Microbrands | Stanhope II

WatchCrunch review the Stanhope II from Farer, the British watch brand that won the 2022 WatchCrunch Microbrand Challenge.

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Watch Review: Farer 36mm Three Hand Discovery Red

There’s a lot to like here: the proportions are just right, the dial is vibrant with great legibility, and for those who care, it’s got a newcomer movement that’s poised to be a proper challenger to more common options... The Farer 36mm Three Hand Discovery Red is an excellent addition not just to the brand’s catalogue, but to the expanding list of new 36mm watches being offered.

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WatchCrunch Review The Burbidge Moonphase

This is not the first Farer we've had on the channel, and it probably won't be the last. That's because every new model from them seems to get my mouth watering. The Farer design team definitely aced their exams in school because these watches just have amazing proportions, and great colours, and always bring something new to the table.

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Farer Moonphase Burbidge Watch Review

Of course, this being a British watch and us Brits – other than anyone working on the Isle of Man – like accessibility. In this case it’s a finely-finished movement in an even more finely-finished and much quirkier watch, complete with moonphase, for £1,475. That’s the kind of value you only come across on a blue moon which, incidentally, isn’t one Farer have gone for here.

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I Was Blown Away by This Watch | Farer Chrono-Classic Jackson

I'd say the level of finishing on here is on par with a much more expensive watch. These retail for around $2,395 and I would say this is well on par with some of the IWC's or Breitlings that I've seen on the channel, and quite a few other of those highly finished luxury watches that are in their five to seven thousand dollar range... I guess you really have to see one of these in person, but I have to say I'm very impressed with this.

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Priced at £1475, the Farer Eddington Moonphase Watch is great value for money and a worthy addition to any watch collector’s line up of timepieces. The moon phase of the Eddington uses a disc that’s meticulously hand-painted in Switzerland and adds a real touch of class to the aesthetic. Against the midnight blue sky is a lumed white moon that glows strongly in the dark and delivers a visual impact that is beyond compare.

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Farer Resolute Three Hands 36mm Watch Review

The 36mm is a watch of great functional beauty and is the epitome of a smaller watch that comes with an agreeable price point that is well worth your money. You will notice its value with every tick of the hands. No matter the size you invest in, you should be very satisfied with what Farer provides with its Resolute model. The watch is deftly made and able to provide you both functionality and a sense of watchmaking prowess whether you are wearing it at home, at work, or at play.

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