“The beauty of Farer lies in the fact that they are very different from other watches on the market today.”


“A unique look that is at once exotic and bold, like some of the rarer Universal Genèves and Gallets.”



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The Farer AquaMatic – Your Next Summer Watch

Fortunately, British brand Farer are here to show those brands how it’s done with their latest release, the AquaMatic. This new dive watch comes in four bold colour ways, each named after a popular surfing location (or a wave in the case of the Cribbar) in the UK. 

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Farer Introduces the AquaMatic Collection – Four New Divers in Fun Summer Colors

Farer debuted an all new collection this week in the AquaMatic. These dive watches have colorful designs and an easy wearing shape and size that seem perfect for the summer months, and also present what might be a compelling value for some, shipping with a bracelet and two straps that can be easily swapped with one another.

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The Farer Stanhope Gets A Sequel Worth The Wait

Farer is a brand that makes somewhat non-traditional watches. Their designs are led by unexpected color combinations, usually in sporty cases, and sometimes with unusual complications and movement selections.

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If successful, a brand inevitably reaches a point of maturity where it’s no longer considered a microbrand and that’s how I see Farer – a bona fide independent watchmaker. 

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A Week With The Farer Stanhope II

I know, comparing a €1,000 watch to a Laurent Ferrier might seem far-fetched. But after a week with the Farer Stanhope II, the first impression lingers. Within this very British cushion case are small touches of smooth joy that fit the bill, or am I fooling myself into a sense of grandeur? After all, I bought the Stanhope II with my own hard-earned cash.

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Kevin O'Leary & Teddy Baldassarre discuss the Lander IV GMT

Teddy and Kevin review a range of independent brands available today, then focus on three models from three different companies, one of these is the Lander IV GMT.

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Review: The Farer Bernina Chronograph

The watch that we have been lucky enough to review, is one I have admired for some time now, the stunning Bernina Chronograph. At the heart of Farer's design philosophy is the principle of designing their watches to fit into three distinct categories; air, land, and sea.

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Farer Adds to their Three Hand Collection with the Black Dialed Erebus

One of Farer’s calling cards that we discuss frequently around here is their creative use of colour. But it would be an oversight to think of them only as a brand with a knack for creating unique and unexpected colour combinations. 

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Some watch firms punch way above their weight. The UK independent, Farer, is definitely one of them. You won’t see Farer in the posh boutiques; they prefer to sell directly. There are no swanky catalogs either, just a clear, efficient website. Yet the firm is quietly getting on with making watches that are often different and always striking.

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