“The beauty of Farer lies in the fact that they are very different from other watches on the market today.”


“A unique look that is at once exotic and bold, like some of the rarer Universal Genèves and Gallets.”



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The Best Affordable Automatic 39mm World Timer Under $1500: The Swiss Made Farer Roché Watch

One of the most expensive watches ever reviewed on this channel was a Patek Philippe World Timer, costing over $100,000 at the time of publication. Naturally, this is out of the budget of most watch collectors. However, a relatively new British brand is not only making waves in the watch enthusiast community with some exciting fresh takes on classic watches, but is also offering a Swiss made World Timer at a fraction of the cost of the Patek.

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Hands-On With A Trio Of New World Timers From Farer

Farer’s new World Timers are slightly more serious and less fun than many of the brand’s other watches with vibrant color palettes. That’s not a bad thing, though; at heart, what you get is still a Farer. The blue-dial Roché has been on my wrist more than the other two, and I smile each time the mint-green tip of the seconds hand catches my eye.

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Farer Endeavour II Aqua Compressor Review

The super-compressor style is making a comeback, and I think Farer deserves a spot at the top of that list. By adding some thoroughly modern design cues to this very retro style, they’ve created something apart from any other modern super-compressor while maintaining a level of consistency that anyone who has held a Farer watch will immediately pick up on.

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Hands-on with the Farer Durham Pullman Green

I really like the Farer Durham Pullman watch. It’s exactly what I want out of a cushion-shaped sports watch and it delivers a lot of premium design features for its money. 

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Introducing the Farer Meredith GMT

The Farer Meredith GMT delivers the same copper dial as its chronograph counterpart adorned with the brand’s innovative Lumicast markers. These three-dimensional numerals are a clever blend of ceramic and C1 Super-LumiNova. The lume adorns the back and sides of the raised markers, with navy blue placed on top reaching the very edge of the hardware. This creates a stunning backlit effect when the timepiece is placed in low lighting.

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Farer Launch Meredith GMT with Incredibly Cool Back-lit Lume Numerals

I actually think the Meredith GMT comes out very favourably in comparison to the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date. Not only is a GMT more useful than a pointer date, but also the Farer is about £400 less than the base line Big Crown references while also having higher specs across the board. This is without question my favourite Farer of the year, so they really have been saving the best until last.

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Hands On: Farer Paris Tonneau Watch

British watchmaker Farer is well known for doing funky things. I’m not sure if many other brands play with color the same way... Farer has made a successful run of not only offering a huge array of designs, but ones that are packed with color, character, and charm. The trend continues with the new Farer Tonneau line, which offers Farer’s take on the classic barrel-shaped case design, with a trio of predictably intriguing dials.

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I'm watching Farer - Tonneau & Chrono-Contempo Review

With the details, and the finishing, and the water resistance, I think the price is correct. These watches are really what I had hoped they'd be... and I'm looking forward to seeing more watches from Farer.

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Farer makes fun watches, and the Milan is a fun watch. It breaks away from the traditional circular watches many of us are used to. Adding on to that, it gives Farer a new case to play with. They are no stranger to releasing limited editions and new colorways as their collections mature. The Tonneau collection will undeniably be a hit with their fans as it showcases everything Farer excels at.

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